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Download InduSoft Web Studio 8.1 + SP3

InduSoft Web Studio has added some fantastic new features and functionality to InduSoft Web Studio with service pack 3. In keeping with our aggressive efforts to offer regular updates to the software, we’ve packed in some important new additions to InduSoft Web Studio. Here’s what’s new in Service Pack 3:

  • HTML5-based Remote Database Spy – Monitor or set tags, troubleshoot, and execute expressions from the Runtime and/or Mobile Access Thin Clients.
  • Tag Integration for OPC UA and DA Servers –  Browse items from external OPC UA Servers while designing the project interface, including screens and worksheets.
  • Support for {Tag} in the OPC XML-DA configuration interface – Change the connection settings for OPC Servers dynamically during the runtime.
  • Enhancements to the PanelMate Import Wizard – Improved font scaling for different resolutions when converting projects.




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